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Car Buying Program FAQ V. 4.0

  1. What is Unhaggle?

    Unhaggle helps Canadians find the best price for their new car without the hassle of negotiating with car dealers. Our company was founded in 2011 out of the personally frustrating inefficiencies of the traditional car buying process. Since then, we’ve continued to refine our offering so that anyone who uses Unhaggle is left with more money in their pockets and less time wasted negotiating with dealers.

  2. What is an Exclusive Price Certificate?

    This is a pre-negotiated price that the dealership referenced on the certificate is willing to offer you, no questions asked. The car that you build using this tool must include your desired trim, colour and options in order to ensure the price listed will be honoured by the dealer in question. Any changes after the fact may result in changes to the price.

  3. What is MSRP?

    MSRP is an acronym that stands for the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. This is the selling price that the manufacturer recommends for its products. It is also referred to as the sticker price or list price. The MSRP includes a car's standard equipment plus any factory-installed options.

  4. How do you come up with the average price?

    Average Market Price is Unhaggle's exclusive method for calculating what others are paying for a vehicle before incentives based on recent sales data from your region.

  5. Why can't I add accessories?

    Due to the wide range of dealer-installed accessories and options available, it is difficult to find accurate invoice data on these items. Therefore, Unhaggle only has pricing for factory-installed options.

  6. Why isn't there pricing available for my area?

    Unhaggle is partnered with hundreds of the auto dealerships across Canada, including many of the highest volume sites. However, there are some gaps in the Unhaggle network, particularly in rural locations, that may mean we will be unable to provide a report in some cases.

  7. Why am I getting average pricing data and not Exclusive Pricing?

    Some brands have corporate by-laws in place that restricts their dealerships from publishing up-front pricing. In these cases, we’re happy to provide average pricing data through our service but you will need to contact the dealership in order to obtain your Exclusive Price.

  8. Why do I need to input my postal code?

    We ask for your postal code to more accurately identify your location so that we can connect you with pricing from a local partner dealership. This also allows us to provide the most relevant average pricing data.

  9. How do I change the details of my finance or lease?

    We provide pre-negotiated pricing for all payment types! To make these adjustments, simply click on your payment preference (i.e. cash, finance, or lease). To adjust the details of your term and down payment, click on the small icon next to the stated interest rate. Our system will then recalculate your monthly payment to match your selection!

  10. What is the 3-digit PIN and why didn't I receive it?

    To verify that you are a real, Canadian customer (and not a robot crawling the internet for data!) we send a three digit code to the phone number that you provide to us. This is automatically sent as either a phone call or text message, depending on your preference. If you haven’t received your PIN, please do not hesitate to call our customer service line at 1-866-215-7868. We would be happy to retrieve it for you!

  11. What if the vehicle I want isn't in stock at the dealership?

    This happens from time to time, especially if there is an increased amount of customization to the vehicle. If this happens, the dealership that you are put in touch with will work with you to find a great price on the closest option they currently have available, arrange to get that vehicle from another local dealership (if available), or place a custom order on your behalf.

  12. Do I have to visit the suggested dealership to receive the guaranteed pricing?

    The dealership and sales person that you are referred to has agreed to sell the vehicle that you are looking for at a specific discounted price. In order to receive the guaranteed price you must visit the suggested dealership.

  13. What fees are included in the guaranteed price?

    The Guaranteed Price includes all mandatory and dealership-specific fees. Mandatory fees are the fees associated with purchasing a vehicle which are non-negotiable. They are fees the dealer must pay when a vehicle is sold, and they make no profit on them. They often consist of freight/PDI, an air conditioning tax, a provincial tire levy, and sometimes a provincial regulatory levy. Depending on make, some luxury brands may also institute administration fees that dealers will charge. Some dealerships may also charge administration fees. An administration fee is a fee applied by the dealership in addition to the price of the vehicle. With the exception of luxury brands, the decision to charge this fee is made by each individual dealer. When a customer reviews their guaranteed price, it includes all fees and taxes (including any administration fee). Licensing and registration fees are not included.

  14. What if I want to purchase additional accessories or warranties?

    If you are interested in purchasing additional items along with your vehicle, such as warranties or accessories, you are absolutely welcome to do so! Please note that these are not included in your exclusive online pricing.

  15. What are incentives?

    When manufacturers want to encourage the sale of certain models, they may provide special programs to further decrease the cost of a vehicle to the buyer. These can come in the form of cash rebates, or discounted interest rates. All customers are entitled to these incentives as long as they meet the requirements (for example, a cash rebate is offered only when a vehicle is purchased in cash).

  16. Why is a dealership contacting me?

    Once you receive your exclusive online pricing from a nearby dealer, we provide that dealership with your information so that they can answer any questions you may still have and schedule a test drive. You may opt out of further contact from Unhaggle, the dealer, or The Globe And Mail at any time. Please refer to our privacy policy here.

  17. Still have questions?

    Please give us a call at 1-866-215-7868 or email us at [email protected].